Yellow Eyelids

What Causes Yellow Eyelids?

There are many conditions and illness that can cause yellow eyelids. Usually when a person has a problem with this type of condition, yellow skin can be found everywhere and not just on the eyelids. But there are a few problems that can cause only yellow eyelids and they are not considered dangerous or life threatening.

A strain on the eyes from driving or reading in a darkly lit room can cause yellow eyelids. A person can also suffer from stress on the eyes from too much sunlight. Lack of sleep or insomnia can also strain the eyes. Usually when the strain is reduced the problem goes away within a few days. There is nothing wrong with using a bit of make up or concealer to cover up the yellow color.

Allergies can be bothersome to not only the eyes but the nose, ears and mouth. To stop all of the symptoms, a person must find out what is casing the allergic reaction. It could be from using a particular type of soap or shampoo. But it could also be from using a specific type of make up. Dust and pollution can make the eyes irritated too, so to pinpoint the problem it is a good idea to make an appointment with a doctor. He can give tests to determine what is causing the yellow eyelids.

Hepatitis C is an infectious virus that attacks the liver. Over time, it can lead to fibrosis and cirrhosis, the scarring the liver. If the disease progresses, the sufferer can have complete liver failure. Having this condition also raises the risk of getting liver cancer. In the first stages of this illness, there may not be any symptoms but when they do occur they can be yellow eyelids and skin, stomach pain and itching skin. If someone is suffering from all of these symptoms, they should ask a doctor to do a blood test to rule out the possibility of Hepatitis C.

Jaundice or icterus is a condition or symptom of a more serious problem. This happens when bilirubin is in increased levels within the blood. The biggest symptom is a yellowing of the skin. The eye area is  first thing to turn a yellow color when a person has jaundice and even the whites of the eyes can turn a shade of yellow with this condition. Other diseases related to jaundice are malaria, typhoid and yellow fever.

Anemia is another blood related condition. It happens when the red blood cell count is too low. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all parts of the body. They are made in the bone marrow and released into the bloodstream. If there are any problems with this process anemia can occur. The most common causes of anemia are heavy menstrual bleeding, chronic disease or iron deficiency. The symptoms of this condition include rapid heart rate, enlargement of the spleen and yellow eyelids as well as yellowing skin.

Heavy alcohol consumption over a long period of time does considerable damage to the liver. It too can cause fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver and as a result jaundiced or yellowing skin and eyes can occur. People who drink large amounts of alcohol can have the same symptoms as someone who is suffering from hepatitis C. Over time, this can also cause liver failure or liver cancer. An alcoholic can slow down this process if he immediately stops drinking. But if he chooses to keep drinking the results can be fatal. There is little to no information on alcoholics that drink consistently for over 25 to 30 years. This is because after this period of time, the liver completely shuts down and causes death.

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