Sore Eyelids

What Causes Sore Eyelids?

There are numerous conditions or infections that can cause sore eyelids. Often you will find that the reason for the infection or the discomfort cannot be explained, at other times the symptoms are obvious for certain diseases. This article will give a brief overview of possible eye diseases that can make your eyelids sore.

Chronic Eye Lid Infection

This is a very uncomfortable condition by which the eye lid and lash line are chronically infected. If you experience sore eyelids on a regular basis and notice redness or even skin crusts, you are probably suffering from it. This health problem is very often connected to a general skin issue such as eczema which can appear anywhere on the body, including the eyes. Some effective ways to treat this is with antibiotics or creams, but they do not always work successfully.


Probably the most common cause of sore eyelids is an allergic reaction. Patients are particularly complaining about pain and itching in the upper eyelids. An allergy is often visible through redness, dry skin or even a rash.

Often enough we try out new body, beauty or health products which may cause allergic reactions. While the consequences are uncomfortable and represent an esthetic issue, there is no real need to worry. As soon as you stop the use of whatever triggered the reaction, your eyelid will start to recover. An allergy test will help you to determine that very easily- all you do is take all products you use to the doctor and they will test which one causes the allergy. Products may be obvious things such as creams and make-up, but also nail polish and hair spray can come in contact with your eyes and are possible reasons.

Allergies such as hayfever or any other type of allergy can certainly also cause sore eyelids, it is not always a product. You must undergo an allergy test to find out what your body seems to reject.


A sty is an infection of a gland around your eye. While this infection becomes more obvious over time by looking like a pimple, it first begins with a sore eyelid. It can appear anywhere around the eye and starts with a little discomfort followed by redness. Within a few days you may finally see a pimple-like spot which is painful and not pretty to look at. Sometimes the sty occurs inside the eyelid, but it is mostly a condition on the outside. The sty will usually burst at some point on its own. However, due to esthetic reasons you may visit your doctor who can prescribe a cream or tincture that will speed up the bursting process. Surgery is hardly ever necessary and it is not advisable to squeeze the sty because this will result in an even larger infection. Only if the sty seems to be a real danger to your eye can surgery be a solution. Many patients experience reoccurring sties which hints towards an immune weakness, a genetic disposition or even a more serious disease such as Diabetes. You must consult a doctor if you experience sties several times a year.

Other things that may cause sore eyelids are infections of the tear glands and warts which are all rather harmless things that can easily be removed or treated. However, if you experience pain all over the eye and your sight is somehow affected too, you must urgently seek medical attention as the problem may be more serious. For example, a fading vision as well as sore eyes and eyelids can hint towards a cancerous ulcer, eye cataract or glaucoma.

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