Eyelid Rash

Reasons For An Eyelid Rash

Eyelid dermatitis or an eyelid rash happens when the eyelid has a reaction to substances we come in contact with. They are usually items that we use everyday like chemical cleaners or certain soaps. It can be anything that we use or accidentally get into or around our eyes. But in a few cases, this can be a sign of an internal problem within the body. An eyelid rash can be baffling, so it may be a good idea to see a doctor if you are suffering with this problem.

There are two types of eyelid rash irritation that can happen. Certain products are applied to the eye lids and this can result in a rash. This is considered an allergic reaction and it usually affects people who are already suffering with things like hay fever or asthma. This type of atopic irritation starts on the upper eyelid and it can be seen in only one eye.

Crèmes and other cosmetics used under the eye can cause a hyposensitive reaction. Luckily, this irritation is easy to recognize because the eyelid rash will develop under both eyes. The symptoms can be painful, inflamed and reddened skin. The dermatitis can also cause an extreme itch. There are many examples of things that can cause an allergic eyelid rash.

Nail polish is known to cause severe irritation to the eyelids. The person using the nail polish may accidentally wipe the eye area when the polish isn’t completely dry. Only a tiny amount or speck of nail polish can cause symptoms and they are a scaly, itchy and painful eyelid.

Cosmetics can irritate the eyelids. Even if you have been using the product for years this can still happen. For whatever reason, a person can quickly become allergic to a product and it can make them ill or cause an infection. It is suggested that a woman should change her make up every three months. This is because bacteria can grow in things like mascara or eye shadow but we continue to use the products long after the expiration date. This result is swollen, red irritated eyes. The bacteria can lead to an infection and tiny pus filled bumps can appear on the eyelids. It is recommended that a woman should never share her make up. This can spread bacteria and cause infections.

Nickel used in jewelry making can cause symptoms like swollen, red eyes. This can occur even if the nickel is not near the eye area. If you are wearing a belt buckle, broche or a purse with nickel on it, you can end up with these symptoms. But if you are wearing earrings, rings or a necklace made from nickel, the infections can become much more severe.

Rubber or latex can also cause an eyelid rash and this usually happens to people who come in contact with it everyday. People who work in the medical field or people who prepare foods are at higher risk for this type of irritation. But some people find out they are allergic to latex by using condoms.

When a rash develops around the eyelid area and there is a single bump starting to form, this could be cancer. The same symptoms that apply to the rest of these ailments can also happen from cancer. If these symptoms are felt along with a small bump, a doctor should be seen immediately. He can run tests to correctly diagnose the problem and decide on what to do next. As with all types of cancer, it is important to pinpoint the problem quickly to slow down or stop the growth. Surgery may also have to be done to remove the bump.

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