Dry Eyelids

How to Treat Dry Eyelids

Not only are dry eyelids very uncomfortable due to the fact that the skin on the eyelids becomes itchy, it can also be unattractive. What makes the condition even more of a problem to deal with is the inability to hide dry skin on the eyelids with makeup; using makeup only makes the condition more noticeable.

There are several ways you can treat dry eyelids at home, but whatever method you use, for it to be successful you must be consistent with the treatment.

Your first step to getting rid of dry eyelids should be an eye moisturizer; using an eye moisturizer on a regular basis will help to heal the dry skin on the eyelids. If you use eye moisturizers before you have a problem with dry eyelids, you can help to keep the condition from developing in the first place.

Using regular face moisturizers for the eyes does not work too well to prevent dry skin, as face creams do not contain as much moisturizers as those creams that are specifically meant for the eyes. When you use eye moisturizers on the eyes you will immediately see a difference; they will look far more hydrated. Not only will eye moisturizers help with dry eyelids, but it will also help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

If you continue to use an eye moisturizer on your eyes at least twice a day, the dry skin on your eyelids will be completely gone within a few weeks. You can easily find a variety of eye moisturizing creams at your local department store or a skin care store. The price of eye moisturizing creams is often fairly reasonable so you will not be spending a fortune to heal your dry eyelids. Although it is recommended that you apply the moisturizer twice a day, you should always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Another treatment that will often work to heal dry eyelids is Aloe Vera; this plant substance contains many healing properties and is good for helping to heal dry skin. When using Aloe Vera you will get relief from the itchy feeling of dry skin on the eyelids. In addition to this, when someone has dry skin on their eye lids it can frequently lead to the skin splitting, which will leave open lacerations. Aloe Vera can help heal these wounds more quickly. You can buy Aloe Vera products at a drug store or department store, but ensure that you purchase a product that is at least 98% pure Aloe Vera, with out the preservatives.

To prevent the chance of developing dry eyelids in the first place it is best to take good care of your skin at all times. You should always wash all makeup off of your face before going to bed at night; this helps your skin to breathe, which is necessary for healthy skin. You will want to use a moisturizing cleanser to clean your face before going to bed, and always follow up with good face and eye moisturizers.

The area around the eyes does not have the glands to help the skin stay moist, which is why this is the area where you will first notice age lines. For this reason keeping the eyes moist is very important, but you should also protect the eyes from the sun as well. Use a combination of moisturizers and sunscreen on your face, as well as around the eyes on a daily basis. Some foundation makeup will have sunscreen added to it, which may be the best way to go if you use makeup.

Taking good care of your skin will help prevent dry eyelids, but if this condition does develop, eye moisturizer or Aloe Vera can help heal the skin and bring you relief. 

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